Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Hello lovelies! Today's post is inspired by both my utterly rubbish day, and one of my favourite regular magazine features - the 'Hey, it's OK...' page from Glamour magazine. Today was one of those fine, magnificent days when everything that could possibly go wrong, did. It begun with a rather abrupt awakening this morning, when the lamp that rests on the shelf above my bed decided to launch itself down on top of me,(you know you've had a crazy day when you start personifying furniture) and it ended with a terrible mock driving test in which I managed to get two 'serious' marks and one 'dangerous'...oops.

Potential road accidents aside, i'll get to the point of this rambly little post. Although I do greatly appreciate all the good things in my life, every now and then, I think it's acceptable to wallow in self pity for a short period of time. It's ok to take a little bit of time to feel sorry for yourself and be a tiny bit selfish. 
So tonight, instead of starting the essays that are due in a few days time, or tidying my floordrobe, I made a bit of time to feel sorry for myself. I changed into my pyjamas, put the kettle on, and curled up on the sofa with my favourite magazines to cheer myself up. I know, I know, wild. Afterwards though, I felt a lot happier, and after ringing my best friend, actually saw the funny side of my ridiculous day.
I wrote this post as a little reminder to myself, and to you if you want, to realise that it's ok that things in life go wrong sometimes, and it's ok to feel a bit rubbish because of them. If you've had a rubbish day, why not make yourself a cup of tea, stick on your favourite film and have a bit of 'you' time? I hope you don't mind these ramblings, and i'll leave you with a few of my favourite Glamour quotes to cheer you up if you do!

Hey, it's OK...
  • if you hug your dog in the morning before hugging your human
  • that your first "I love you" to him was when you accidentally ended a phone call with: "Love you, bye"  
  • to start eating your takeaway the second you walk out the restaurant
  • to ask everyone you know for advice - then ignore them all and go with your gut
Sara x


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