Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I wore: Coat, Jumper, Mom Jeans, Belt and Boots – All Topshop

This Christmas, I was lucky enough to be asked to model some beautiful clothes for my university newspaper. I was involved in the Halloween fashion shoot and had such a fab time that I immediately said yes this time around. The shoot was winter themed (obviously) and was held at a local ice rink. I have to admit, when I heard the words ‘ice rink’ my heart did a little leap of fear. As the majority of my blog readers don’t know me in real life, I’ll just inform you now that I take the notion of ‘uncoordinated’ to a whole new level. My friends have nicknamed me 'Bambi on ice,' so hopefully you’ll understand why I was a bit hesitant when asked to quite literally pose on actual frozen water. Thankfully the fashion and beauty team are lovely and with the help of some brill staff at the ice rink (they basically dragged me around) fashion editor/photographer Amy (who has a fab blog, Babyface) was able to produce these cool shots. 

Sara x

Thursday, 2 January 2014


of the night
Coat – Topshop  £89 | Lace Slip – Zara £36 | Necklace – Topshop £12 | Lipstick – Topshop ‘called up’ £8 | Boots – River Island £25 (sale!!!)

Just another quick Polyvore creation, dreamt up during a lengthy ‘break’ from writing the world’s most boring essay weighing up the reliability of different research methods. Ahh, the perks of being a media student. I so badly want every item included in this list, especially the white soled boots which are NOW ON SALE. I repeat, THEY ARE ON SALE. If I wasn’t so horrendously low on funds I would snap these babies up but unfortunately my life saving student loan hasn’t come in yet. I’ll have to hope one of you lovely lot take advantage of these £25 beauties so I can live vicariously through you (let me know if you do, cry cry.)

Sara x

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