Friday, 11 April 2014


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Evening all!

I decided to post something a little different than usual on this summery Friday night. As you can see, above are some divine images of beautiful lookbooks and images featuring summery garments and faraway backdrops. As I was doing my routine bit of style stalking on blogs, tumblr and all my fave Instagrams I couldn’t help but feel a wave of jealously wash over me when my search provided endless images of music fest Coachella.  Oh how I wish I was dancing care-free around California wearing a pair of vintage Levi’s and retro sunglasses. Sadly, I’ll have to settle for Topshop leggings and a fluffy blue dressing gown, with care-free dancing being replaced by watching back to back episodes of Made In Chelsea on 4od.

During my online browse it occurred to me that I don’t really talk about my style inspirations a lot on my blog, which seems a bit absurd considering Studs On Saturday is my own personal style blog. Although in everyday life I don’t necessarily dress totally similarly to the beautiful women featured in my fashpiration list, I do tend to grab a bit of inspiration from the images – a hair bun here, a bit of jewellery layering there…you get the jist. I’m always really interested in finding out where my favourite bloggers go to for a bit of fashpiration (mainly in the hope I can shamelessly emulate them) so I thought some of you lot might appreciate climbing inside my brain (ew.)

 If not, you can just have a peek at some pretty summer images and join me on my jealously crusade.

Hope you’re well,

Sara x

Monday, 7 April 2014


Crop Jumper – Primark £10 | Black PVC skirt – Topshop £15 (sale) | Sandals – Mr.Shoes

Hello again lovelies,

I’m finally getting a bit better at this regular posting malarkey, the Easter break from Uni has obviously done me some good! Despite leaving my camera in Newcastle I’ve managed to shoot a few simple outfits with the help of my friend Katie – you can check out her YT channel here.
I’ve fallen in love with this pale yellow high-necked crop from Primark, it’s so nineties and definitely worth every penny as I’ve been wearing it to death. This little black PVC skirt is a relatively new addition to my wardrobe as I picked it up in the Topshop sale a couple of weeks ago for a mere £15! An absolute steal in Topshop terms.  The Mr. Shoes chunky sandals I am sporting here are a bit of a marmite-deal, they are so truly ugly but I think they’re also actually quite beautiful.
 Definitely not for everybody however, as when I first wore them around the house my dad stared at my feet for about ten seconds before shooting me a quizzical look and then sidling off without a word.

Ah well, fashion is meant to be a conversation starter. Am I right?

Sara x
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