Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hello lovelies,

Just a quick post this evening to let you know about my latest clothes clearout if you’re in need of a summer fix with minimal pennies in your purse. All items are under £20 (most of them well under) and have barely been worn – mainly because I’ve bought things I like without considering that I have no other clothes I have to wear with them. The struggle is real. There are loads of Topshop and Urban Outfitters goodies on sale so have a nosey, I’m open to offers!
If you’d like to get your fashion fix through any of these beauties simply search my username in depop: saramacauley.

Hope to hear from you soon, 

Sara x

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Coat – Topshop | Top – Topshop | Jeans – ASOS | Shoes – Mr.Shoes | Socks – Urban Outfitters | Bag – Zara

Hey you!

Long time no blog. Nothing new there then, sorry for the minor hiatus in blogging YET AGAIN. My first year of university life has concluded and I am a broken woman, hence the ripped jeans. Kidding, things aren’t quite that bad (although I did technically count plain pasta and soy sauce as a perfectly acceptable meal yesterday.) Thankfully, my parents have come to the rescue and treated me to a lovely lovely tapas meal today as they pick me and my many suitcases up from dreary Newcastle.

Coming home for summer means that finally I have a longgg almost-four-months to pick up the reigns and begin blogging properly again. I’ve said this once, in fact I’ve said this multiple times, but since doing my recent interning at NCL Fashion Week I’ve been more certain than ever that fashion and writing are the things I love the most and want to dedicate my time to.

Anyway, on to the clothes. These ASOS ripped black jeans have never appeared on my blog before which is quite frankly ridiculous because they have basically been my second skin for the last few months. They fit like a dream, although being a picky gal I would’ve loved them a bit more high waisted. Anyone know of some purse friendly copies fitting this description?

The shoes are a regular on Studs On Saturday, and the sparkly Urban Outfitters socks may as well be my trademark, however I don’t think I’ve featured this little beaut of a top on here before this. It’s an iridescent gem which I found hidden amongst the chaos of Topshop’s sale rail. Mesh, sequins and a bralet all in one. What more could a fashion lover ask for?

Hope you’re all well and I’m so looking forward to posting on the reg from now on.

Sara x

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