Friday, 1 August 2014


1)     Halter – Depop (@nataliemjs)
2)     ‘Levi’ Shorts – Ebay
3)     Shoes – Mr Shoes

Another day, another Depop purchase. Seriously, this app has increased the uniqueness of my wardrobe by about a million percent. This gorge flowery halter was purchased for a mere £9 and I loveee it. It’s bright, flowery and most importantly not black, so I’ve successfully achieved my aim of looking marginally less like a goth in the summer months.  On the bright side, (dark side?) the top can be made edgier and that little bit cooler with the addition of some black accessories such as these chunky shoes which we all know I am slightly too obsessed with and this pair of (quite possibly knockoff) Levi shorts which I picked up for about £7 on Ebay. Job’s a good’un.

I wore this outfit on an Island tour and it was the perfect lightweight outfit for prancing around on top of mountains. I did, however, bear resemblance to a lobster at the end of the day. *note to self, exposed shoulders, factor 8 sun cream and a full day of lounging on top of a boat do not mix well. Neither do the badly measured mojitos and sex on the beach cocktails from the free hotel bar. 

                                                                          Sara x



  1. This outfit looks super dope!

  2. Omg that top is so cute!! Gotta love depop xox

  3. I love that top, so cute and summery. I love the edge you have added to it with the black ripped shorts and shoes H xx

  4. Nice look !


  5. Loving the tops on this look and the last one- they're really unique!

  6. Love this look! I think the top looks really good with the shorts x


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