Monday, 18 May 2015


Top – Primark | Jeans – Topshop | Coat – Primark | Shoes – Nike | Trainers – Pressie

SOS - I’m in the midst of essay hell. With about 4 deadlines to hand in within a 2 week time period, I’m sure you can imagine the scene surrounding me right now - printed pages of journal articles have replaced my copies of ‘Glamour,’ my usual gig watching/bar dwelling/topshop drooling has been replaced by 24/7 library sessions and Google Scholar has replaced ‘The Debrief’ on my list of recent searches. There is no way to sugar coat the overwhelming wave of stress and panic overrunning my life as we move closer and closer to deadline day, but for the purpose of not dragging you all down with me, this little post will focus on my sartorial choices rather than my impounding sense of doom.

The libes calls for smart dressing – the kind that says ‘I’m not wearing pyjamas’ but still gives a nod to the utter despair you’re currently experiencing  in order to blend in with your fellow stressed out students and avoid the look of the carefree first year. I’ve gone for my trusty black skinnies and a pair of comfy trainers, but added a smarter camel coat on top to ward off the funeral director vibes, and a backpack which screams I AM WORKING – HONEST. LOOK! I HAVE BOOKS IN HERE! MAYBE A COPY OF COSMO BUT ALSO SOME BOOKS! and tricks even myself into thinking I’ve got my life sorted.

If you’re living in the library too, know that I feel your pain.

Chat soon,

Sara x

Saturday, 16 May 2015


As if you haven’t already seen me banging on about it enough on social media, this little post is my way of reminding myself that I’m gonna be lucky enough to travel across to the Isle of Wight with summer with 4 of my best friends. IOW will be my first proper camping festival and although I’ve heard horror stories of mudslides, NO PHONE BATTERY and drunk men pissing on tents, I’m still pretty excited. (Understatement of the century.)

Fleetwood Mac have been one of the bands I’ve listened to consistently throughout my life. My dad named me after ‘Sara’ (and after the Thin Lizzie song by the same name,) and they’ve always been in the background of my upbringing. I am literally ecstatic at the prospect of seeing them play live, and I’m SO looking forward to seeing the beautiful Jessie Ware, James Bay and Kool and the Gang too.

It’s set to be an amazing 4 days and I’m going to need the wardrobe to match, so I’ve been spending a lot of time scanning the interwebz to grab myself some sartorial bargains. I'm a big, big fan of the seventies trend despite my usual goth-like dress sense, and plan to rock a flare if I can manage it. Topshop, as always, have come out on top and I daresay a few of these pieces will be sneaking their way into my rucksack. 

Fingers crossed for good weather, and I’ll let you know how it all goes,

Sara x

Monday, 11 May 2015


Amidst the flurry of exam stress (you know the type – weeping, panic buying highlighters, watching 6 back to back episodes of Made In Chelsea in order to pretend it’s not happening,) I received a little electronic message of joy.

An email popped into my inbox which was not actually from a) Groupon b) my tutor or c) LinkedIn. It was instead from next year’s editor of The Courier newspaper, informing me that I’d been chosen to be a Fashion Editor for the 2015/16 edition of the paper. A little tear of happiness MAY OR MAY NOT have escaped. 

I’ve written for The Courier newspaper since my first year of Uni and absolutely loved it, and the opportunity to be editor for the section I’m really passionate about is an absolute dream. Coveting a career in journalism means that while my dreams are exciting, they’re also bloody hard to reach. I’m more than aware that I need as much experience as possible to even think about knocking on the doors of my favourite publications, and I’m so thankful to those who recommended and picked me for helping me get one step closer. A special shout out has to go to my predecessor, blogger pal and good friend AmyO’Rourke for giving me a heap of advice and listening to me stress 24/7. She’s a gem.

I’m excited to see what being a Fashion Ed brings, and I’ll keep you updated,
Sara x
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