Wednesday, 26 October 2016


 Since being down in London, I have (rather shamefully) not done anything very cultural. Well, that is unless you count sinking pints in the pub with your mates cultural – which I sort of do. Anyway, after spending an afternoon scrolling through The Debrief I came across this fantastic article which gave a run-down of the best female-written plays to go and see in London. It seemed like a sign, and one that I’m very, very glad I took heed of.

I dragged my mate Jack along with me for company, and last night on a dreary Tuesday, we found ourselves in Soho Theatre, settling in to watch Girls. The play is written by Therea Ikoko (did you know that only 30% of plays in the UK are written by women?!) and let me tell you, she is seriously talented. The premise of the play centres around 3 sparky, audacious teenage girls who at the opening of the play, have found themselves in a terrifying situation. The action that plays out deals with themes of terrorism, race, religion and feminism, and the narrative somehow manages to stay current and cool throughout.

"Why is everyone so bloody obsessed with hashtags? Can you use it to shoot your way out of here?"

The dialogue within the play is incredibly witty, powerful and SO relatable. At numerous points throughout the night I heard murmurs of approval through the audience and at the end of the play, the girls received a well-deserved standing ovation. The thing I loved most about this play was the fact that the dialogue didn’t tip-toe around the scary issues which face millions of girls today. When it came to the issues most of us discuss in hushed tones and the tough subjects we put walls up to conceal, these girls broke through the bloody bricks. 

If you’re after an evening of sass, sarcasm and serious topics (with a sprinkle of Beyonc√© quotes to boot) then this is the play for you. It runs until the 29th October (this Saturday) and tickets are selling fast, so book yours now. 
This a cultural commentary you don’t want to miss.

Sara x 

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