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I like to think of myself as an arty person, despite the fact that the last time I picked up a paintbrush was probably during year 7 art class. Art comes in so many different forms and doesn’t have to fit into the confines of what’s seen as ‘classic.’ It can be dark, comical, gross, beautiful, hilarious and everything in between, and social media is the perfect tool for discovering loads of exciting new artists and their innovative ways of producing. I’m big into my illustrators at the moment after stumbling across their work on the likes of Twitter, and decided to write a little list of my faves as a way to lift up and showcase the talents of some of these fabulous females. Enjoy!

Elle is a 20 year old illustrator (and drop dead gorgeous gal) whose artwork I stumbled upon via Twitter. Her intricate line detail and beautiful depictions of nature, mental health, self-love and being a girl are honestly incredible and I have been known to spend inordinate periods of time scrolling through her Tumblr page. Her mindfulness zines available on her Etsy shop are beautifully finished and you can really tell how much time has gone into their creation. When I am not as poor as I currently am now, I need to get this girl to draw me a custom portrait. She’s going places.

You know those days when everything has gone horribly wrong? When you’ve finally managed to slither out of bed only stood on a plug, then sprinted to the station and found that your tube is so busy you’re practically inhaling the hair of the person in front? Ruby’s new book It’s All Absolutely Fine basically takes all those mad bad days and produces something akin to the rare and beautiful instance when you’re having a mental breakdown and someone else says “oh my god I get that too.” It’s a soothing sigh for the soul. Her social media channels are regularly updated with darkly comical quick sketches and on a bad day her work is the hug your brain needs.

This, dear readers, is the woman whose art you without a doubt need in your life. I’m fairly sure that Julie has, at some point, snuck into my bedroom whilst I was sleeping and peered right into my brain. Her pencil sketches are based on the nuances of day to day life and touch upon the troubles and strife experienced as a twenty-something year old woman. And as any woman. And probably some men. She covers the likes of bad dates, being an anti-social hermit and weird cultural things we all do like wear Thrasher hoodies as a uniform despite knowing as much about skateboarding as we do about brain surgery. She is so damn relatable, and that’s her selling point.

If you’ve ever met someone you fancied on a night out and woken up in the morning to discover your Facebook search history emblazoned with their name, along with the names of their ex-girlfriend and their ex-ex-girlfriend, then Jessie’s love sick illustrations may perhaps strike a chord. Her colourful illustrations focus on the utter MADNESS that is the bedfellow of modern dating and in a weird sort of reverse psychology way, makes me feel a little bit better about being so utterly crackers when it comes to matters of the heart.

A new venture by a London-based gal who has ditched the corporate life to follow her dreams of being an artist (should totally be a movie, I know), Marshall Art is the brainchild of all round wonderful human Kayleigh Marshall. Kayleigh’s work includes cute pineapple and flamingo geometric prints, mixed media pieces and custom commissions of pretty much anything your heart desires. She cites her ugliest possession as her ‘sex panther jumper’ and at that, I was sold.

 Hope you enjoyed this little run down & please let me know if you know any other talented artists you think I'd like!

Sara x



  1. I love ruby etc and Julie houts so I will check out the others you mentioned! I feel like illustration has become a bit of a 'thing' lately and I have started to love it! x


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